Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Charlie Daniels Tour

What a great American! Charlie Daniels performed for the troops here at LSA Anaconda the other night. I attended the show and was thoroughly impressed with the music, the performances, and the heartfelt patriotism of the "Long Haired Country Boy." I had the pleasure of attending a show he put on for the troops when I was a 2nd Lieutenant deployed to Cuba back in 1992 during the Haitian Humanitarian Relief mission. It was good to see that 13 years later this man is still at it and the troops love him.

Charlie Daniels is said to have grown up near Wilmington NC, and I had the fortune of having one of his cousins, Reverend Francis Daniels, as my preacher. Francis and his family are all musically inclined, and Reverend Daniels is back in Wilmington now preaching. He and his family are very special to me, and I hope to see them when I'm home on leave.

Charlie had the crowd all tapping and clapping to his classic songs, some gospel tunes, and even gave us a taste of what he has coming out in the future. He spoke between songs to the troops, thanking them all for their service and vowing to go home and spread the good word about the things that he saw on his trip. He received ovations for bashing the media saying that the conditions here were nothing like they had led him to believe.

He played for two hours straight and ended the set with his classic "Devil Went Down to Georgia". He burned through several bows "sawing on his fiddle and playing it hot" and the crowd went nuts. He left everyone with a smile on their face and uplifted spirit in their heart. He reinforced to the soldiers, marines, and airmen that there efforts here were greatly appreciated and would not be forgotten.

I hope he knows how appreciative we are that he and his band came here to perform for us. God Bless you Charlie, and thanks for what your doing.

Take Care and God Bless.